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Students of Hogwarts

I must apologise to you all for the lateness of this address; I had hoped to send this message to you before the school year began, but these last weeks have been spent immersed in the details of my new responsibilities.

I am normally not inclined to spend idle time in reminiscence; however, this time of year always seems to find me thinking on long-ago Septembers when I, as a student, would board the Hogwarts Express bound for another year of learning. It was always an exciting time, to think of all the new things I might learn, the new skills I might acquire. Each year brought ever-changing, ever-growing possibility and hope for a bright future.

Students, now is your time. As the new generation of witches and wizards preparing to go out into the world, you hold your future in your hands. Anything is possible for you; all you need to do is dream it. You all have immense potential to grow and thrive in your areas of interest, and it is my belief that the wizarding world will see great things from you.

Seventh years, your time at Hogwarts is nearing its end. Once this final year is through, you will step into the bright sunshine of a new tomorrow. Dark times may seem heavy upon us now, but take heart - we are fighting, and it is my strong belief that before long things will be set to rights and our world will be as it should be once again. For now, continue to have hope, and learn all you can. I know you will make us all proud.

Lucius A. Malfoy
Minister for Magic
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