Pansy Parkinson (sa_pansy) wrote in semper_arcanum,
Pansy Parkinson

It goes without saying that Draco and I expect all prefects in the forward car tomorrow immediately after the train departs. A competent prefect will have his or her charges seated quietly before 11 a.m. and make themselves available for the traditional meeting, wherein the Head Boy and Girl speak to the others and set the tone for the year to come. Trust that I have thought long and hard about the year to come, as have other Slytherin from Tracey to, rather hearteningly, Gregory.

I trust that the rest of you have had a refreshing summer. Personally, I found that spending time in our gardens and in far-flung places such as France and Fiji only made me appreciate home the more, and increased my determination to make our home, whether Hogwarts or all of Britain, a place where one may be proud to be descended from witches and wizards.
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